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St. John Lutheran Church

Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

“A Caring Congregation in a Growing Community”

8020 South Park Road
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
(715) 423-7788

May 2006 Newsletter

Stained Glass Jesus

Notice of Elections May 13 & 14

Election of officers for the congregation will be held Saturday, May 13 and Sunday, May 14. Voting will be held in the narthex before and after each of the services. The Nominating Committee thanks all persons who graciously volunteered to be nominated for office.

Mother and Daughter

Mother-Daughter Banquet May 10

The Mother-Daughter Banquet will be on May 10 at 6 PM. The menu will be: Brats & Hot Dogs, Potato Salad, Baked Beans, Relishes, Salad, Dirt Cake, & Beverages. The Entertainment will be a “Surprise!!”. Tickets: Adults -$5.00, Children (12 & under) $2.25, Under 5 free.

Fair Booth

Church Fair May 21

The stewardship board is planning a “Church Fair” in the basement after the 9:30 AM service on Sunday May 21. Refreshments will be served so please stop down and see what it is all about. This fair will be much like a “Science Fair” which I feel most of you probably know about. There will be tables set up by all the church boards with information and handouts to help you understand what each board does. There will be sheets to indicate if you are interested in helping on any of the boards. This will be a good chance for our congregation members to see and understand what these boards do during the course of the year. Please try to attend on May 21 after the 9:30 AM service.

VBS Organizational Meeting

On May 2 there will be a Vacation Bible School Organizational Meeting for “Beach Trek” at 7:00 PM in the church basement. Anyone wishing to give of their time and talent or just wanting to be at VBS to meet children, oversee them with a smile, and represent St. John as a friendly place for children should attend and hear what is all in store for this exciting week being planned for the children. We are always looking for new ideas. Vacation Bible School is June 19-23 from 9:00-11:30 AM. For more information call Sandra Sweeney 886-4864.

Cross and Flowers

The Understanding of St. John’s Funeral Committee

The entire congregation is divided into four parts. At the death of a member, which a lot of times can come unexpected; one of the four committees prepares a meal, if they are asked to do so by the family. Since this is a congregation project to help people in their time of grief, it is important that all members respond when asked to do so by donation of food/or helping in the kitchen, or even a money donation so food can be purchased if work prevents you from getting your donation made. Your help is truly appreciated by the families that need help in that difficult time and it is a comfort to them that the meal after the funeral was provided by all members of St. John.

Thank You

I would like to thank the following people for giving of their time to help at the Children’s Festival at Lincoln High School on Saturday: Wendy Rosenthal, Sandy Gordon, Marg Bratcher, Eunice Geiger, Darleene Swen, Bill Coley, Mike Sweeney. Our Youth Helpers: Mariah Reber, Paul Decker, Katie Jagodinski, Molly Scheidegger, Ethan Sweeney, and Hannah Rosenthal. I would like to thank Pastor Ader for his support and encouragement to take part in this event and for his help in donating the card stock, designing and printing the card itself. To Wendy Rosenthal, Sue Primeau and Mike Sweeney for the prep work for the craft project. This is a community event where St. John promoted Vacation Bible School “Beach Trek.” 1,150 children made a craft door hanger of a footprint in the sand, and 245 registration forms were accepted by parents and grandparents. Without volunteers this event would not be possible. Thank you for making the connection of St. John Church to many people in the Kellner community. –Sandra Sweeney


New Pictorial Directory

A new Pictorial Directory is in the planning. Please mark your calendar with these dates when photographs will be taken for the Directory: July 6, 7, & 8 and July 19, 20, 21, & 22.

Concordia Self Study Bibles

If you are looking for a special graduation gift we still have a few Concordia Self-Study Bibles available for sale. The cost is $45 per copy. Please see Pastor or contact the church office if interested.

From The Board Of Human Care

A big THANK YOU to the congregation for donating may needed items for the Hurricane Katrina victims. There was a good response during the short time period for collection last month. These small items that we take for granted will be greatly appreciated by those who lost so much.

Bulletin Donation Sign Up Chart

If you would like to donate $15.00 for the cost of printing the weekly bulletin please sign up on the chart on the north bulletin board. You may make you donation in honor of a birthday, anniversary or memorial. More than one person can be signed up for the same date. Please enclose payment in an envelope marked “Bulletin” and place in the offering plate or give to an elder. You may also mail or drop it off at the office. Enclose your name if you would like it published along with your personal message.


Many Christians are planning for their retirement years with some sort of tax-deferred savings plan. These types of plans are an excellent way of accumulating assets to provide an income for you, but they are not a very good way of providing an inheritance. When your children or other heirs receive your tax deferred plans, they will have to pay federal and state income taxes as they receive the distributions. They may also have to pay federal and state estate taxes if your estate is large enough. As a Christian steward, you can make plans to reduce or completely eliminate these taxes. If you would like to develop a “Christian Estate Plan” that makes plans for the transfer of your tax-deferred assets, contact Your Congregational Gift Planner or:

Ron Smith or Jennifer Nohelty
Lutheran Church Missouri Synod North Wisconsin District
2519 N Hillcrest Parkway Suite 201
Altoona , WI 54720
(715) 838-0368 / (866) 835-8748 /


Save The Date-Camp Luther Golf Outing

Camp Luther Golf Outing will be held Monday, June 5, 2006 at the Eagle River Municipal Golf Course. This year the golf outing will be a family event! Lodging will be available Sunday (June 4) at Camp Luther free of charge. There will also be activities available for children (supervised) and spouses on Monday during the event. Please consider joining us for this great opportunity to help Camp Luther. The event will be an 18-hole scramble and golfers of all ages and abilities are welcome. Form a group or come alone and meet some new friends. We’d like to see a group from every church! Contact Quik at Camp Luther for more information. 715-546-3647.


LLL Convention in Billings, Montana

The Lutheran Laymen’s League Convention will be held in Billings, Montana July 6-9, 2006. Members of Zone 16 of the North Wisconsin District are arranging a bus tour to take us to the convention and also see some of the sights on the way. Some of these sights include the “One of a Kind” International Peace Garden, Fort Mandan, Pompey’s Pillar, Black Hills Passion Play, the beautiful Black Hills and more. The theme for the convention is “Glorify the Lord” showing us ways to serve the Lord with our time, talents and treasures. Some of the hi-lites are the opening communion service, fellowship luncheon with Dr. Dale Meyer, Family Night Supper with a western show and polka band, Lutheran Hour Ministries in the United States and around the world, Lutheran Hour Rally with Rev. Dr. Klaus, The Lutheran Hour 75 th Anniversary celebration and many other enjoyable presentations. If interested a $150.00 deposit is required to confirm your reservation, final payment will be due 45 days prior to departure. The tour departs from Progressive Travel, Spencer or from St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Wausau, on Monday, July 3. Registration for the convention and convention motel are made separately and are printed in the Lutheran Laymen’s League Pre-Convention special issue. If you are interested in more details copies of the itinerary are posted on the north church bulletin board along with deposit and payment information. Contact numbers include Progressive Travel, Spencer 1-800-231-4391 or Floyd & Adeline Scheunemann 715-569-4474.

Whom Are You Looking At?

The disciples were thrilled. They had their Lord back in their presence once again. Since His Resurrection, He had appeared to them and others several times. They were still a little confused, though, when He talked about “wait(ing) for the gift (His) Father promised” (Acts 1:5), and, then, He was taken up before their very eyes, and a cloud hid Him from their sight” (Acts 1:9). You can imagine their bewilderment. He had died and been buried and then had risen from the dead! He had walked among them and taught them again, and now…He is taken up into the clouds. No wonder they stood there-probably with mouths agape- looking into the sky where they had last seen Him. It took “two men dressed in white” (Acts 1:10) to bring them back to their senses. “ ‘Men of Galilee,’ ” they said, ‘why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, Who has been taken from you into Heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen Him go into Heaven’ ” (Acts 1:11). Back they went to Jerusalem. Their eyes were no longer on the clouds, but they were still looking a Jesus. They waited. They prayed. They chose another disciple. And they waited some more-all the while looking at Jesus. Whom are you looking at? Yes, Jesus has ascended. We can only imagine His joyful, triumphant return as all the hosts of Heaven welcomed back the risen, victorious Savior. Because He is that Savior, because He is the Author and perfecter of our faith, “let us fix our eyes on Jesus” (Hebrews 12:2). Through His Word and Sacraments, He will lead us in His ways; He will teach us obedience and self-sacrifice; He will teach us love for our neighbors. Keep looking at Jesus until in Heaven you see him face to face!

Beach Trek Vacation Bible School Registration

All children are invited to St. John's Beach Trek Vacation Bible School. There is no charge for this event. VBS will take place on June 19-23 from 9:00-11:30 AM for ages Pre-school through 5th Grade and we will use any student 6th through 12th grade as a youth helper. Each day offers a new Bible Story to explore through fun activities. We will hear stories of Jesus, make cool crafts, learn fun songs, eat yummy snacks, and play some exciting games. Please fill out a registration form which can be found in your May newletter mailing or call the church office for more information. Free busing is available to all sutdents and youth helpers who wish to attend VBS living in the boundaries listed in Kellner.
(N Hwy. 54, S County Road W, E 100th St., W 48th St.) Busing will be kept close to a one-hour limit.

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